Opera House Hotel is situated in a quiet location up a gentle slope very close to the city centre of Symi.

Based on the traditional architecture of Symi and set in a large wooded garden, Opera House Hotel provides you all the modern comforts and facilities for an ideal holiday.

You can stay here comfortably while making the most of your vacation. Visit the Panormitis monastery, walk up the Kali Strata and enjoy your sunbath in one of the island blue beaches.

The Opera House Hotel is located at the city centre of Symi town, Yialos, just 50 m from the island’s central square, restaurants and shops, and only 200m from the main port. Situated on a gentle slope with no stairs, makes the hotel easily accessible by car or foot.

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Symi is located in the Southern Dodecanese, north of Rhodes and close to the coast of south-west Turkey. Symi is divided into distinctive areas – Yialos is the main harbour. Chorio, literally ‘village’, is the top town. Pedi Bay is the valley below Chorio, south of Yialos. Nimborios is the bay and settlement to the north of Yialos. There is a small settlement at Marathounda and a major Monastery complex at Panormitis. The interior, a forested plateau with many spectacular views, can be visited by car or bike on the recently refurbished road from Symi town to Panormitis.

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